• Parmis Vafapour

13 and 30

It began at 13.

A child,

Hand in hand with 30,

As he brought her into a new life.

He taught you how to live,

How to love,

And how to nurture.

Years later you hear little tapping feet of the souls that you brought into nature.

It began well,

You told him you loved him.

You believed that he was the best for you

And he proved himself to be.

When one became another and another became the other,

The house became too small to hold,

Those 13 smiles waiting for their dinner.

You reminded them of their roots,

Why they looked different.

With hair as as soft as sand and eyes as lucid as the old orchard limes,

Whilst their friends lived in the shadows of autumn.

You reminded them of their strength,

To be the lions of war,

Despite the youngest, who before becoming a man,

Watched as you became beba.

You reminded them to dream.

The way their lives were intertwined in the winds.

They were capable of it all, but only-

Only if they chose to truly reach.

Your memory will live with me forever;

Your stories will be told.

I’ll love you forever,

As you rest at home.

By Parmis Vafapour