• Luke Frederick

A Voice

They tell us that it’s best we rather rest and take a break

Than be obsessed, to try and temper and end up burned up at the stake.

See it’s a mess, I cannot stress how I’ve been turned by all the hate,

Yet, I contest that through duress we must now learn to be awake.

For I address all the oppressed that haven’t had a voice to speak.

For they’re buried in distress and now their hopefulness is bleak,

And if their struggle is expressed then we must all set out to seek,

To go invest in something blessed as in the freedom of the weak,

And yet the weak are not made stronger through the ruling of the insufferable,

And people all along are being taught through the subliminal

To keep their evil wrongings focused on the individual,

And make sure they prolong all their perceptions of what’s criminal,

That every black face along the street is such a threat to you,

And every single case of their mistreatment is acceptable.

It’s hard to keep the faith when this is all that they expect from you,

And ignorance is latched onto your race, it seems inseparable.

Now, I know not every poor man truly chose this,

Equality can’t coincide a system that’s consuming this.

And I know the other party is just another flavour of vanilla swiss.

The poison that upholds western philosophy is fuelling it,

But the cycle of ignorance must now decease,

Till we aren’t critical of any generation craving peace.

Don't spread hate as fears remedies,

Because at this table, all the people need to eat.

Human rights present, in your face like a centrepiece.

For you can be the physical idea of what we’re meant to be.

It doesn’t take a miracle, just patience and serenity,

And soon we’ll see the visible dynamics of integrity,

If love is unconditional then hate becomes the enemy.

By Luke Frederick