• Farzana Ali

can you see the moon?

I miss you begrudgingly.

I’ve cried to our friend, the moon, about it already.

she’s telling me to let go, that you’ve ruined the glow that we once had,

I can’t help but circle Saturn’s rings, trying to find a solution

to the black hole that seems to fill me up.

I’ve spilled all our little stars into cups of caffeine

that I seem to be drinking every morning after you left –

there’s no need for me to be awake at 3am, but

I’m yearning for our midnight conversations,

and the constellations we seem to make out of nothing.

the stars have all gone from my sky, and out into these cups

that I give to everyone to take a sip,

hoping they would have a part of me with them to feel something.

the moon always shakes her head at me, but I can’t help it,

her sun always returns back to her, but no one is here

to help me shine in my night sky.

I can only dream that you’re looking at the same violet

where our dear moon rises, so that you’re reminded of me

and so you miss me too.

By Farzana Ali