• Aysel Dilara Kasap

Home, n.


‘A dwelling place; a person's house or abode; the fixed residence of a family or

household; the seat of domestic life and interests.’

To belong is never part of the simple definition of home,

But who ever said home was simple to define?

And yet belonging keeps crawling back into our minds,

Stealing our sense of home

With an endless flood of questions.

Where do I belong if permanency is non-existent?

Do I not have a home?

Do I not belong anywhere if I don’t have a home?

When did home become the opposite of solitude?

When did home become where we come from and not where we’re going;

Where we live for just a few months?

When did home become a piece of land separated by lines in people’s minds;

Bricks put together by the sweat of strangers?

Where is home if no one’s home?

Where is home when life is ephemeral,

And permanency is just a dream?

By Aysel Dilara Kasap