• Tasnia Chowdhury


Do you ever wonder about the state of your heart?

As you scroll pass these videos from start to finish,

Watching without feeling, have our souls diminished?

The human inside us, so desensitised

To the broken wailing and the hopeless cries

Of these torn down lives.

Consumed with comfort, enfolded in our bubble

While our sisters are being raped and our brothers are under rubble.

I read a stat the other day, you know what it said?

43,000 missing or presumed dead.

Homes burning with their children inside,

The husband being held down as they abuse his wife,

And they don’t let him close his eyes,

And yeah, it was the house that burned, but for the rest of their life

They'll bare the scars of the trauma suffocating their mind.

We’re eyes open, all present here today,

But how many of us are truly awake?

How many of us raise our hands in prayer and feel the pain?

Refugees coming in numbers, to be specific 85k,

Destitute and deprived of their basic needs,

Praying for the end begging on their knees.

And, yeah, when it first happened, we used to care.

Then the hype dies down and it's just another headline.

They’re fighting to live while were confused about what we’re going to wear?

But, isn’t it true that every human has the right to life and liberty?

So, how are we going to let this suffering and poverty go on perpetually?

Because, while we add milk and sugar to ours, that’s their reality.

We're living for this world , compromising what we’ve learnt.

You tell a brother to give charity on what he’s earned,

And, suddenly, he’s broke, but haven’t you heard?

Brothers and sisters, your wealth will never cease

If you give in the way of your Lord, you’ll only please.

And, you might think your money only helps those in need,

But soon you'll realise, it's not just helping them.

It’s for you and I,

Because charity is the best way to purify,

Your wealth isn’t just saving their lives anymore,

Because when we’re questioned on that Day, what did you use your money for?

When our scales are brought forth, mine and yours,

I want the right side to weigh more.

My friends,

Next time your scrolling on your feed,

And you see the ummah bleed,

Count your blessings and look at your deeds.

Three years ago, in 2015,

The Paris terror attack that took the lives of 130.

World monuments were lit up in solidarity,

Media coverage brought forth the events religiously.

Let me ask, where is this humanity

For the Uyghurs in China, and Rohingyas overseas?

Why aren’t ministers lining up now?

Where are all their condolences and sympathy now?

Where are the channels and articles,

As lives are being burned to ashes and particles?

Or, doesn’t it matter as much because they’re Muslims,

And the chances of them blowing us up anyway aren’t that slim.

But no more, now is the time.

Understand that our silence isn’t just an injustice to them, but it’s a crime.

So, as the horrific videos of the Rohingya abuse

On our timelines increase in views,

And then ignored in the news,

Brothers and sisters, don’t think about crossing your t’s and dotting your blind eyes.

Just give what you can, pennies make pounds and soon you’ll realise,

We share this world, but we won’t share our grave,

One day we’ll also need to be saved,

And it won’t be from the flames of our homes on fire,

But from the punishment of a power much higher.

By Tasnia Chowdhury