• Haasanspeaks


God, if you're gonna take me, then take me in sujood

I don't wanna be in bed where I can't speak or move

Mum would ask me to pray but I wasn't in the mood

Black nike tracksuit and take-away food

Look, if my time's over then forgive me for my sins

I can’t get into it and don’t know where to begin

I just know they stack high, tryna get my stack high

Chasing the shine like I was a magpie

Look, if my times coming then take me when I'm up

Take me in the Haram, zam zam in my cup

Don't take me when I'm sinning, I know it's too much

Help me accept when it's time to move on

Reflect upon death 'cause it happens everyday

Sins on my scale, Allah knows how they weigh

No matter what happens, I can’t not pray

I always got hope that I might be saved.

By Haasanspeaks