• Asia Khatun

The Fire Inside

The fire inside,

It will not halt for your peace of mind

Until the lost bones buried in bygone pits

Rise beyond what this earth had given them.

I told you that I will bend myself no longer

To fit your moulds of humanity

That wish to pick me apart and

Rid me of my liberties.

Rid me of what?

To speak.

To run.

To breathe.

All this life that matters to you

Continues to slip through the cracks of

All that was mine

That you have come to possess in the gutter of your mind,

And in the ever-expanding depth of your pocket.

Thieves of time,

Of kin,

Of the earth beneath

What was mine,

Of humanity.

The fire inside

Wishes to consume me.

So, consume me.

By Asia Khatun