• Imaan Asim

The Lens of Divine Love

I remember Him.

I miss Him.

My heart craves inner peace and comfort.

The weight of revelations moving me into a bow,

Reminding me of the vastness of the universe.

As my forehead touches the ground

Vulnerability consumes my body,

Remembering how my spiritual journey

Begins and ends with Alllah

And that death is surely not the end.

I pray when the Earth is consumed with darkness,

When the stars and moon are my only source of light,

When the sky is an explosion of reds and purples,

When the heat of the sun radiates onto my face,

I pray.

My soul connected to divine guidance from my Lord,

Nurtured by his patience, mercy and unconditional love.

I no longer feel crushed by the weight of the world.

I allow myself to surrender my life to the unknown.

I let my mind submit to higher powers working on my behalf.

My power and purpose I found through worship.

I feel like the tide,

Allowing my emotions to flow in and out with ease,

Feeling content with the stillness and slowness of life,

Moving my body with intention,

And honouring her like I have never before.

This is why I remember Him.

Why I miss Him.

By Imaan Asim