• Nabilah Ali


The Privileged blindly open their tomorrow,

The Tomorrow that was packaged securely

And delivered with strong reassurance,

With no plans to dissolve.

Delivered safely to the privileged,

No dent in sight.

However, if shaken Other options will arise.

Below the glass ceiling, Others search for tomorrow.

How can yours be filled with peace,

When ours is filled with sorrow?

Tomorrow was packaged for us without security,

Tied with oppression and uncertainty,

Stamped with Fear for existing and dreaming.

Still creeping at the back of our minds,

Worried for the need of back-up plans arrive.

For us, choice is presented with a catch,

Hidden behind systems holding us back.

The others push back against the glass ceiling,

For we are our own saviours, and we can’t sit here dreaming,

But, maybe one day, the Privileged will make productive change

To break down this ceiling separating us today.

By Nabilah Ali