• Farzana Ali

we are okay

the moon is singing with us, as we drive with the windows down. we’re reeling through the midnight streets, running away from the age that we are meant to be. our heads are out of the window, laughing away our sadness regardless of how momentary it is. in this moment we are the stars in the indigo sky we have always admired. our singing echoes, as it glides with the wind, the melody wrapping around our heads – our hair is barely getting in the way. we are scared, so scared of leaving the years that we barely got to experience because of all the pain and constant dwelling of everything and nothing. but the moon is forgiving and knows it will never be enough to grow out of the people we once were. our moon lets us smell the sweet perfume of youth. it’s not infinite, but i have you, and the moon, and this sorrowful melody of our happiness keeping me company, and in this fine moment, i am okay.

By Farzana Ali