• Amina Beg

You Make Us Hate Our Neighbours

The contour lines harden,

Faint sketches he etched in a map in less than a day,

Relaxing his feet,

Cigar between his teeth.

Oh, come on!

Don’t leave us with no-deal,

You screwed us up this far,

You split Punjab in half,

I have two sisters living apart.

You gave Kashmir a bath,

Bathed it in blood and scars.

You can’t even tell us apart,

Playing darts

On my land,

Making us hate our neighbours

When you’re the man

Who broke Ireland’s trust,

Fire waters,

You are now sunken dust.

You will never understand my Dadi’s past,

How she would transport jewels with toys

That your Queen stole from us.

By Amina Beg