Interested in submitting your work to Thawra? We want this platform to provide a voice for people who come from ethnic minority backgrounds that otherwise would not be given the opportunity to share their work. Let us appreciate your creative self, your critical self and your most outspoken self. At Thawra, we look for work that speaks from a place of unbridled experience. We want to hear how the world around you has shaped your niche, be it about politics, society, culture, identity or something you deem noteworthy!

The mediums we cater for are:
Short Story
Essay & Review
Art & Fashion


You can submit your proposal here:

Any enquiries, email us at

If you have been successful, we will email you within two weeks.

We do not tolerate any hate speech or bigotry as it goes against our core beliefs here at Thawra. Anyone who violates this will be blacklisted from submitting again.