Here's a little bit about us.

Thawra is an online literary magazine that provides a platform for minority creatives. From budding short story authors to critical academic writers, we want to amplify the talented voices throughout the BAME community. Thawra is here to elevate people who for so long have been unable to assert their presence, their thoughts, their art, and the way they see the world. We believe that art is at the centre of society and, therefore, that art should be representative of the people that inhabit it.

As the Arabic transliteration for revolution, we want to change and revolutionise the literary landscape so that upcoming generations can depend on the fact that their artistic world is not solely based on bygone Eurocentric standards of relevancy. Social, political and cultural change happens through the exchange of words, words that must hold experience rather than stereotype; integrity rather than sensationalism. Nurturing the creativity of the marginalised is paramount until we find ourselves in a society that no longer works against us. 

Image by Arash Asghari

We're here for a revolution, and what's a revolution without

its poets and its artists?